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  • Are you in business despite Covid-19?
    The safety of our guests and team is always our #1 priority, we are proud to say that First Stroke Mobile Swim School is abiding by the government regulations and with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for safety guidelines and suggested precautionary measures.
  • What do I need to bring to each lesson?
    To facilitate the learning experience please wear a comfortable full coverage swimsuit. Bring a towel, waterproof sunscreen, goggles, or mask. Please speak to the instructor before purchasing any swim equipment.
  • Where are you located?
    We do not have locations, our instructors travel to any pool near you within Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas within 15 miles.
  • Can I choose the instructor?
    First Stroke provides the best instructor based on the information provided by your registration.
  • How do I pay for my lessons?
    Payments are also done online at the time of booking for all lesson. We do not accept cash currently.
  • How do I cancel a lesson?
    A 48-hour notice is required for any cancellation of any lesson or activity. If you do not give a 48-hour notice, you will be charged the entire amount for the reserved time. If you feel you would like to discontinue lessons, you can cancel your lessons at any time. We may not be able to refund your payment for the remaining swim lessons. For any refund there may be a small merchant processing charge. Reimbursements that meet the above qualifications will be issued within 30 days of notice.
  • What happens if an instructor cancels a lesson?
    If an instructor gets sick or have an emergency and must cancel a lesson. You will be notified as soon as possible that the lesson has been cancelled. Your lesson stays on your account and will be available to reschedule.
  • How much does it cost for a lesson?
    Depending on how many lessons you are interested in, pricing can vary. Please click on register to see our most current pricing.
  • What technique and approaches do you use?
    Our instructors are all Red Cross certified and will use a variety of the latest techniques to help the student reach their full swimming potential. We believe the individual should be relaxed, comfortable and confident in their abilities before moving to the next stage of learning. We do not believe in putting someone in the deep end to make them “overcome” their fear.
  • Why choose First Stroke Aquatics?
    We are swim experts specializing in helping people overcome their fear of water. Our primary goal is to help people enjoy the water and make swimming a normal, enjoyable activity. Additionally, we focus on teaching essential survival skills and water safety to ensure everyone feels confident and secure in the water using a gentle approach.
  • What if I do not have a pool?
    It is optimal if you have acess to a home or housing community pool ( HOA pool, condo pool, apartment pool, hotel, or resort pool ).
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