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Is It Safe To Swim In A Pool? [Covid-19 Chronicles]

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Yes, yes… oh and did we mention, yes!

Is it safe to swim during the Covid-19 pandemic? Read More Below

If you’ve been asking yourself this question for the past couple of years, you’re not alone. That being said, it’s time to check the facts and uncover the truth about pools in the pandemic.

Let’s dive right in.

Covid-19 Is NOT A Waterborne Virus

As you may know, there’s truly nothing like taking a dip in a nice pool on a hot summer’s day!

After the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, many people became quite out of touch with their love for the water. Well, that changes today!

As the Covid-19 virus is not considered to be “waterborne” by nature, it doesn’t live or spread throughout the water. That being said, the size of the pool can still be a great determining factor of how safe you and your family feel.

First Mobile Swim School contains larger indoor and outdoor pools to always keep the safety of our clients as the top priority.

To Swim Or Not To Swim: COVID-19 Safety Precautions

When you’re not enjoying the cool, crisp water of the pool, there are still plenty of safety precautions you can take.

These COVID-19 safety precautions include:

Wearing your mask when not in the pool

Keeping your distance from others

Disinfect And Dive Right In

When you’re thinking about joining a new swimming community, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay healthy.

Check out the list below of steps supported by the CDC that you can follow before taking a dip!

1. Utilize both state and local health department resources for current inspection results 2. Dip test strips in the pool to check for healthy pH, free chlorine, and bromine levels

3. Check for open chemical bottles near the pool

4. Ensure the deep-end drain is fully covered and completely visible

5. Check to see that either your instructor or a lifeguard is always present

If everyone does their part, our swimming environments will remain healthy and happy for years to come!

Come On In… The Water’s Fine!

Fortunately, First Mobile Swim School is home to Red Cross certified instructors that truly believe in the importance of keeping everyone safe. As we work with small children and elderly individuals, we take all the necessary steps to produce a safe and enjoyable environment.

We are determined to keep the fun spirit of swimming alive within our community. Join us on this mission to bring joy and happiness into the lives of your loved ones.

Through diligent adherence to all CDC Covid-19 guidelines, we make sure that everyone always feels welcome at First Mobile Swim School.

Come see for yourself! As always, remember, it all starts with taking the FIRST STROKE

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